Conferences and seminars

Participants in conferences or seminars at Sankt Helene usually stay in our rooms and apartments. And those participating in seminars typically choose single or double rooms.

Sankt Helene has 80 single rooms, and 50 of these have bath/toilet. The remaining 30 rooms share bath/toilet two and two, i.e. large apartments consisting of two rooms share the same bathroom.

If you are organizing a conference, you can choose to let more than two participants share a room; say maybe 3 or 4 together. That way you can cut down on the costs for accommodation and maybe spend more on a banquet dinner, buy an extra ‘breather’ or just make ends meet according to the budget.

Bed linen and cleaning is usually included at conferences or seminars, but the level of service is up to you. You can choose to let the participants bring their own linen and maybe even clean after themselves or you can choose to have us make the beds before you arrive (that means no arrivals before 3 PM) or you can choose something in between.

One of the things that make Sankt Helene so special is the fact that we offer a wide range of accommodation forms, combined to meet every demand both regarding price level and preferences.

NB: The rooms are usually available after 1 PM (or after lunch).

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