Possibilities at Sankt Helene

Room for teachers/organizers

We have a special room for teachers and organizers where there are a computer with internet access, printer, photocopying machine with sorting function of up to 20 sets, phone, fax and a typewriter. At arrival, you are handed the key to this room and we will bill you for the number of copies, etc. at departure.


We collaborate with teambuilding agencies who specialize in helping the participants take a breather in between sessions at e.g. a seminar. This can be done through entertainment, through teamwork exercises, or through something totally different. We would only be happy to contact them on your behalf or provide you with names and phone numbers. The nature of these ‘breathers’ is entirely up to you – but the agency will provide you with a large variety of ideas.

A meditational morning or yoga

Sankt Helene can offer an exciting start of the day. The owner of local company  "HolyCow", Marin will kickstart you in the morning eiter with yoga or meditation. And although the name of his company could imply that is is spiritually based Martin says it is for everyone and takes no special knowledge of either meditation nor yoga.

If you need help filling the gaps between sessions at e.g. a seminar, we are offering a number of ‘breathers’ that will help the participants get their mind off the seminar for a while:

Boiling sweetsLearn how to make you own sweets - tasting is allowed! Max 20 persons per hour.60 min.DKK 600
Kite buildingPractice your teamwork by building a kite. Max 20 persons per hour.60 min.DKK 600
Midget golf tournamentWe will get you started with a special set of crazy rules and we will also keep count of the scores. Max. 20 persons.30-45 min.DKK 300
A walk in the countrysideA walk in the countryside with one of our guides. 1-2 hoursDKK 500/ 1,000
Snack barWe will serve you some interesting snacks and drinks before dinner – or in the evening as a surprise.15-20 min.DKK 35/45 per pers.
Birthday specialFor e.g. a participant’s birthday, we could make a layered cake and hot chocolate for everybody. Must be ordered at least the day before.15-20 min.Min. DKK 50 per pers.
LectureEsrum Mill - Environmental School Order a brochure.Dep. on subject.Ask!
‘The Green Key’Our ‘expert’ on the environment will tell you about Sankt Helene’s efforts concerning the environment.15 min.DKK 150

Walk and talk

To make use of the beautiful countryside is only natural when staying at Sankt Helene – and that goes for seminars and conferences, too! To mention just one example, the concept of walk-and-talk is very often used.

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