Let the whole family loose at Sankt Helene’s magnificent nature playground

Built in 2003, Sankt Helene’s nature playground offers imaginative families the chance to let themselves go and have fun in beautiful surroundings. More than 1 hectare of Sankt Helene fields has been transformed into activity areas for children and the young at heart. There are four exciting themes to choose from, all offering creative options for fun and play activity. The area is also the perfect place for grown ups to go for walks and enjoy aesthetic sculptures carved by an imaginative artist and his chainsaw.

Kingdom of Adventure

Meet snakes and crocodiles in "Troll Forest" while you pretend you are crossing a roaring river to reach a land inhabited by Hobbits. Here, Gandalf and his eagle from Lord of the Rings stand guard over the kingdom of adventure behind the palisades.

Picnic Park

At the "Picnic Park" the whole family can gather round a picnic basket which can be ordered from Sankt Helene’s Restaurant Sofie. The tables are shaped like wooden plates with knives and forks as benches. Toddlers can enjoy a mini obstacle course and practise their balancing and coordination skills. There is also a sandpit shaped like a plate with a giant spoon in the middle.

Obstacle course – a challenge for the whole family

Races are always popular with children which is why we have built a new obstacle course where two people can race against each other. Son against dad or daughter against mum. Eight obstacles await you, all of them requiring physical stamina and courage to win. The first will test your zig-zagging skills, the second your arm muscles, while the third requires you to crawl along the forest floor. The fourth needs good balance, the fifth is the Wall, strong arm and finger muscles will see you through the sixth, balance and speed the seventh and finally, you will need to negotiate the sand as you race towards the finishing line. The entire course can also be done against the clock. The current record is 1 minute and 34 seconds. Want to be the next champion? All family members report to Roger Rabbit when he blows the whistle.

Group visits

Kindergartens, day-care groups, schools, clubs and all other kinds of groups are welcome. We do, however, like people to ring in advance to book their visits, preferably before planning the trip and laying on transport. We do reserve the right to refuse a visit if there are guests staying at the centre (guests have first right to the nature playground) or if we have other large groups visiting us on the day you wish to come. Call us on: 4870 9850 or send us an e-mail to let us know of your visit.

Groups can order food from Restaurant Sofie: (min. 15 people)


Children can climb atop of ships’ masts but parents have no need to worry. The playground is approved by a playground safety consultant before the start of each season and regularly maintained by our own staff.

The nature playground was built by Allan Bo Jensen from ”Skulpturværkstedet” (The Sculpture Workshop), and the company Lars Nørholm.

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