Hello there!

Have you met Roger Rabbit?

If not; you can be sure to meet him at Sankt Helene. He is everywhere you look – with the Nature Team, in the pen with the animals and at Restaurant Sofie.

Josefine: “I am lucky to be at Sankt Helene every day, because I live here. My Mum and Dad both work here. I think Sankt Helene is a great place, because there are always a lot of children to play with and you easily make new friends. The summer activities are fun and the grown-ups organizing them are very nice, too. However, the animals are just the best, especially the rabbits – when it’s feeding time, you are allowed to take them out of their cages for a while and hold them. And because I like rabbits so much, we have chosen Roger Rabbit for our new mascot. Isn’t he cute?

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