Farm animals

A farm without animals is like Donald Duck without Huey, Dewey and Louie. That is why we have a lot of animals on our some fields surrounding Sankt Helene. During the summer you can visit the farm animals and if you are lucky you can get close enough to touch them. In 2016 we have sheep, lamb, goats, rabbits and if everything goes according to our plans egg-laying hen and chickens.

Feeding the animals 

Every morning during the summer holidays you can participate when we feed the farm animals. Not because the animals need feeding this time of year but because you can get closer to the animals that way. You will gather dandelions or cut leafs. A very popular activity that every kid loves!


Sankt Helene has many sheep and every spring a lot of new lambs are born. If you visit us after Easter you will probably see the lambs.


We keep the rabbits both as pets and running wild behind the fences.