Café Helene

At Cafe Helene you can devote yourself to a cup of coffee – or maybe to the history of the beautiful Swedish princess who named the place.

In the 17th century, Helene drifted ashore at a beach along the Kattegat. The local farmers wanted to give her a decent grave, but on the way to the churchyard the bier with Helene became too heavy and they had to rest. Where they first put the bier down a spring started running and since then this spring has been named Helene Kilde Spring. The spring can still be found in the dunes, and it is said that the Danish king Christian the 4th was very fascinated by the mystic health-giving water of the spring. He always brought water from this spring along on his journeys and he often visited Tisvildeleje to bathe in the spring.

Visit Café Helene and experience the health-giving and soothing atmosphere of the place for yourself.

Download lunch menu in Danish (PDF, 0,5 Mb)

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