Special occasions

Midsummer’s Eve

Every year at Midsummer’s Eve, the beach at Tisvilde attracts around 2-3000 people to watch the bonfire, hear the speech and sing Midsummer songs together.

At 9.30 PM, people gather at the station in Tisvilde to form a torchlight procession and walk to the beach to start the bonfire. Midsummer’s Eve at Tisvilde beach is organized by Tisvilde Helsinge Tourist Agency in cooperation with local associations.

We suggest you start the evening in Restaurant Sofie where we serve our special Midsummer’s Eve Menu early, so nobody will miss out on anything.

Mother’s Day

Why not try something else than the usual bouquet of flowers: Take your mother for dinner at Restaurant Sofie and we will help you show your appreciation by serving her a grand dinner at Mother’s Day!

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